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    I gave up on lip stains long ago, or so I thought. Either the colors were intensely garrish, leaving me stuck looking like a female baboon in estrus or left my lips completely dessicated.

    A couple of months ago, I stumbled into what seemed like a miracle product from Tarte:

    LipSurgence™ Natural Lip Tint
    What it is:

    A natural lip stain that is clinically proven to increase lips’ moisture content by 6000%.

    COME ON NOW, a 6000% increase in moisture content. I pictured my lips looking like wild blackberries shimmering in dew, ripe to the point of nearly bursting. Suddenly, it was as if I were surrounded by a choir of angels singing songs of praise for this product and I knew, just knew that God wanted me to have those lips pulsating with moisture.

    I chose “Moody”, a deep, rich plum color that was intense but flattering. I enjoyed the initial shine and hint of peppermint flavor. So, no danger of being humped by a male baboon at the local zoo but if so, would have had pleasantly minty breath (not sure if fresh breath is a baboon mating requirement though).

    However, I never did get the moisture surge and believe me I was a very persistent user. I tried, really, really tried to get the surge. After all, I spent $24 and felt that I was owed some surge. But for me, it was as if my lips were stranded on the beach by high tide, left to dry in the sun along with the unlucky starfish.

    Maybe I am just not a suitable candidate for lip stain. After all, brutally chapped, burning, cracked lips were one of the things I remembered most about growing up (yes, I was blessed with good health). If you have moderately well-behaved lips this product may be fantastic for you.

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